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Types of Drain Systems

Drain systems are a crucial component of any residential property in the United Kingdom. They play a vital role in ensuring the proper disposal of wastewater and sewage, and thus, keeping the property hygienic and safe.

The Romans created modern drain systems thousands of years ago, but we have adapted drain systems over the years to make the more efficient.

Several types of drain systems are commonly used in UK residential properties, and we work with all types of systems. We can also carry out a drain survey if you are unclear about your drain type.

Combined Drainage System

This type of drain system is most commonly used in older properties and involves a single pipe that carries both wastewater and sewage to the main sewer line.

UK drain system type
Separate Drainage System

This system involves two separate pipes for wastewater and sewage, which makes it more efficient and environmentally friendly. Waste water from sinks, baths, and showers is carried by one pipe, while another carries sewage from toilets and basins.

Interceptor Drainage System

This system is used in properties that generate large amounts of wastewater, such as commercial and residential properties. It involves installing an interceptor tank to separate the wastewater and sewage, preventing them from entering the main sewer line.

Surface Water Drainage System

This system manages surface water runoff from rain, snow, and other precipitation. It involves the installation of drain channels and gully pots to collect the surface water and direct it to a suitable discharge point.

surface water drain system in the UK

Image source: Anglian water

Soakaway Drainage System

This system is used to drain surface water into the ground, where it can be absorbed naturally. A soakaway pit is dug into the ground and filled with stone or other porous materials to allow the water to filter through and be absorbed.

Regardless of the type of drain system used in a residential property, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to ensure proper functioning and prevent blockages. Property owners should also be aware of the importance of responsible disposal of household waste and avoid flushing non-biodegradable items down toilets and sinks.

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In conclusion, the different types of drain systems for UK residential properties play an important role in maintaining the hygiene and safety of the property. Property owners should be aware of the different types of systems and the importance of regular maintenance to ensure they function properly.


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