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Does a CCTV Drain Survey Take a Long Time?

Drain inspections will go straight to the problem and begin recording information for later review. The larger the property and the more extensive the plumping, the longer the inspection will take. And if you have issues with the drain in the interior of your home, the technician will need to take more care and continue slower. The average CCTV drain takes 1 hour.

drain survey being carried out

Older homes were often built under less strict building codes and the need to stick to the pipe placement of an architectural plan. Renovation work can also be a reason for the relocation of drainage pipes or why there is damage. Unexpected turns and pipes can be the other reasons for an inspection and for the mapping to take longer.

A drainage professional can inform you of what you are looking at on their screen. They may even suggest mapping other drainpipes around your home to see the connections and if the junctions need changing.

Do I Need to Have My Drains Inspected?

You may notice that your bath or sink drains slower than it used to, or there is a strange gurgling noise after flushing the toilet. Other problems include an unpleasant smell coming up from the sink drain or an overflowing drain grate outside your home. A drain inspection can catch any of the above issues before they cause costly damage.

4 Benefits of a Drain Inspection

1. Selling
Another common reason for a drainage inspection is under the request of a property surveyor. A potential buyer may demand that the pipes are reviewed before a sale can go ahead.

Bargain hunters will want to know if your home has drainage problems; one of the most neglected areas of home maintenance is clearing sewerage pipes. A broken pipe can damage foundations and be a nasty surprise for a new homeowner, so it is common for an inspection request. Getting a certified inspection in advance can be a big-time saver when trying to sign off on the deal.

2. Savings
A CCTV inspection is a quick way of hunting down obstacles like fatbergs and wadded paper. Once these flow-restricting obstacles are found, the technician can use their skills and tools to break up or remove the problem.

3. Roots
Trees love the water and the endless nutrients available in a drainpipe and the clear path open for them to grow through. As the roots grow in length and fill up more of the pipe, the easier it is for material to cling and cause a blockage.

The savings of a CCTV inspection and performing small repairs over having to dig up and replace the entire pipe can be immense. If your CCTV inspection discovers a small crack or a single root, the pipe is easier to clean and repair before it develops further.

4. Repairs
Repairs made on a fractured external pipe can be done without major excavation. But repairs should be reviewed after completion to ensure that the work was a success. Though a true repair should be strong and dependable, they can fail, so it is worth keeping an eye on patches and fills. An annual inspection of a repair will give you an idea of whether the problem is solved or if a stronger remedy is needed.

CCTV Drain Mapping

The local council may demand that the pipes are mapped out before a sale can go ahead or before it allows renovation work to be done on the home. Mapping of your pipes also tells you where your responsibility ends and where your local council is obligated. If you are renovating, you will need to pinpoint all the major drains running beneath your home and where they connect to the main sewage system.

Securing a CCTV Drain Survey

It can be tough to worry about something that you cannot see, but inspecting your drains can save you a huge headache. Whether you are looking to plan out an extension, sell your home, or discover the cause of that smell, a CCTV drain survey is the place to start. Call your professional drain inspector today and avoid future issues with your drain.

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